Home Inspection Services


Buying a home can be an extremely important investment and the biggest you might make in your lifetime. Knowing what you are investing in should be an important part of your decision making process. A pre-purchase Home Inspection from HomePro of WNY can provide you with the information to evaluate any possible risk to your investment. SAFETY issues and recommendations are stressed during a Home Inspection.


It is highly recommended that an inspection contingency clause be inserted into your contract. The clause should specify renegotiation or contract rescission upon a home inspection finding any previously undiscovered major problems ($500 or more to correct or which constitutes a significant safety risk). Consult with your attorney or real estate agent for help with this.


Article 12-B of the Real Property Law now requires that any one performing home inspections in New York State must be licensed by the New York State Division of Licensing. Check to see if your inspector is licensed. They should be able to provide you with a license ID number.

Make sure you use a company that works with a contract explaining the scope of the inspection and the limitations. Ask about their background, ask for references, ask questions such as:

  • Do they belong to a non for profit professional organization which adhere to a standards of practice and code of ethics?
  • How many fee paid inspections have they performed?
  • Do they work with a contract explaining the scope of the inspection and the limitations?

Check out the company with the Better Business Bureau, your attorney, or a real estate professional.


Be sure the utilities are on and that you have full access to the home. It is important that you take an active part in the home inspection. Plan to accompany the inspector during the inspection. Our inspectors will explain everything in detail, answer any questions you have, and make sure you understand things, including the visual limitations. An average home inspection will take 2 to 3 hours.


HomePro of WNY, will screen for more than 600 potential problems. HomePro of WNY will work through a long checklist of potential concerns to identify the major and minor deficiencies in the home. The inspector will also show you how things work, where your main shut offs for the house are, and what to do to save on utility costs. There are eight major systems of the home which the inspector will evaluate. Read more about our 8 Point Inspection Service Here.


There is no waiting for our report. The inspector will provide you with an immediate report called The HOMEBOOK™ – a user friendly book that is much more than a report. It becomes a complete homeowner’s manual. The report will outline all of the problems looked for in the home and provide “what to” and “how to” solutions.


HomePro of WNY  can also provide radon testing as an additional service. We provide a test with highly accurate results. The test is performed by using a charcoal canister. This test device must be in place at least 48 hours and is then sent out to be evaluated by a NYS ELAP approved lab who will provide you with your official radon test results.

For more information radon please see our links to the EPA’s Home Buyer’s and Seller’s Guide to Radon & Consumer’s Guide to Radon Reduction